What does it mean to refinish a hardwood floor?

Over time, the finish on your hard wood floor wears down and becomes thin. You will be able to tell the finish is wearing out when your floor is no longer shiny, and when there are many visible scratches on the wood itself. When it’s time to refinish your hardwood floor, we will be happy to help.

When we refinish your floors, we’ll start with sanding it down to remove any remaining finish on the floor. We’ll follow that with staining the wood again. Then we will apply a water based or oil based polyurethane finish. If we apply an oil based finish, then we sand between each coat, and apply 2 coats. If we apply a water based finish, we apply 3 coats, and between coat 1 and 2, we sand, and between coat 2 and 3 we lightly scuff. Our refinishing process generally takes around 2 to 4 days.

Can you pet stains off of my hardwood floor?

It is best to clean a pet stain out of the wood right after the accident. This will prevent damage to your wood and finish, and make it last longer. If you wait too long, it may do more damage and require restoration to the wood, but we can fix that problem as well depending on how severe your case is.

What is the real difference between oil and water based polyurathanes?

Here at Element we ONLY offer water based finishes by BONA.

Water based products out perform oil in every category except price. Oil poly is very cheap, thus why some companies use it, to cut down on THEIR costs.

Click here to see a water to oil comparison chart

Water based finishes are:

  • 3X-10X More durable
  • Low VOC/ oder
  • Super fast dry time
  • Green Certified
  • Color enhance sealers
  • Greater sheen variety (matte, satin, semi-gloss, gloss)

How do you ensure that your refinishing will be free of dust?

Dust is already in the air, and when a sander is used, even more dust will get into the air. This can settle on the finish and make the finish not as smooth as it should be. We have technology that sucks most of the dust out of the air, both dust that is made from the sander, and dust that is already present, and in this way we greatly decrease the amount of dust that ends up on your finish, and makes it a nearly perfect job.

When it comes to refinishing, will there be odors or chemicals that are used that I should know about?

When we resurface, we use only waterborne products that are “Greenguard” certified. The only odors that you will smell will be pleasant. Because we are working with wood and sanding, there can be other odors as well. But once the job is finished, we use methods and technology to ensure the odor doesn’t remain in your home, and that you can get back to your everyday lives right away.

What is the best hardwood for me?

To determine the best hardwood to use for the job you want, you need to think about where you will be getting it installed. Will it be in the basement, or the dining room, or a room that is rarely walked on? All of these things come into play. Outside of those factors, it also depends on how you want your floor to look.

What is prefinished floor?

Prefinished flooring is flooring that has finish already on it. There are two kinds of flooring. This is engineered and solid. Engineered flooring is mixed together and has been compressed, stained, and already has finish. Solid flooring is just sold wood that hasn’t been tempered or treated or stained or finished. If you get solid flooring, you will need to apply everything to color it and protect it before or after it’s been installed.

How often should I get my floors refinished?

You should generally get your floors refinished every 4 to 7 years. However, if you don’t have a lot of traffic in a certain room or area, it won’t be necessary to refinish this room as often. Also, if the finish is still holding up and doesn’t appear to be having any problems, then you won’t need to get it refinished until it starts to look less shiny and like the finish is wearing off.

With our 4 coat system, you can expect 20-30 year lifespan. If you include a protective coat every 7-10 years, your floor may never need refinishing again!

What if I only need a few boards replaced?

We make sure that if you only need a few boards replaced that the new ones match the old ones as close as possible. However because all wood is different, there may be differences in the grain.

How long do I have to wait before I can walk on a floor once its been finished?

Drying times vary depending on whether the finish is oil or water based, and depending on how large the floor are is. The general time for a water based finish to dry is 2 to 4 days before it is safe to walk on. An oil based finish can take 5 days or more to dry before you can walk on it again.